Monday, 27 July 2009

she left us finally, in peace Work is so hectic but i finally have time to post the writings i did on 2 weeks ago, on the night when my grandma found her way to heaven: written on 8Jul2009 ========================= she left us finally, in peace Got back at home at 2am and switched on the tv. Almost all channels were broadcasting MJ's memorial ceremony, with no feelings with MJ's death, i cried. Our 99 years old super women grandma finally left us and find her way to heaven after struggling for 2 weeks at the hospital. During her last week at QM, she almost manage to spend time with every single sons and grandkids, even grand grand kids besides her bed, with everyone trying to tell her that we will bring her to drink tea and have mac donald french fries when she gets better, hoping that this ever super women will suprise us with her incredible strength. She did suprise us, with 2 times almost dying at night to showing great interest in everything the following day. I thought she will do the same this time when we left the hospital at 9pm, not really preparing to go visit her again during the night. Our great mama is a very tough women, she took care of a big family and under grandpa's strict control, she devoted her whole life to the chan's family. Not untill my grandpa past away and she started to "enjoy" her days with freedom. Never been to hospital until the age of 93 when she had a stroke, we started to take care of her (before she was taking good care of herself and never wants to bother people), we enjoyed a lot of time together. Going to church every sunday, drink tea afterwards and always tricking her to try out new food that she'd never had in her entire life, such as ice-cream, french fries, pizza and even drinking beer on her birthday some years ago. I am not sure whether this is what she truely wants and enjoy (but at least from her reaction, she seems to love ice-cream and fries), this is surely the time that we enjoyed together. Mama even received the christ at the age of 98, being baptized at our church at her latest days and we're all so proud of her decision. She managed to grab the greatest blessings and gift in her life, this proves that she's really a super women, both physically and mentally, she's real smart. While she was in QM, we spent time with her, using my limited chaochaunese to talk to her. I felt bad for her because i am so sure she hates staying at the hospital, not being able to walk and do whatever she wants. I am glad that she is now in the heaven, looking upon us with joy and enjoying her real freedom up there. Last night, Chris went to hospital and was ready to stay overnight. Not until he saw mama's heart...

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