Friday, 01 August 2008

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A day at home Having fever this morning, i took a day off and went for doctor in the morning. The feeling was awful, especially when i need to attend the missionary trip from this weekend. looking back at all those weeks before i headed to Hunan, I often got sick. - there was a year when i got a car accident that finally lead me to stay at hong kong - there was a year that i completely lost my voice. This year, i wanna be healthy when meeting those students. Despite the attack by satan, god i really blessing me a lot. He gave me one extra day for rest at home and i got to read some books to prepare for this missionary trip. I think that before i start my journey, i must have some silence time and reconfirm what god wants me to do during this trip. read a book writte by 18 teens called "Way to live: Christian Practices for Teens". Although i am not longer a teenager, i found that god really used this book to remind me a lot of fundemental principles that we, as adult needs to stick to. Here's a quote from the book that moves me: (please bear with my bad translation) "The biggest challenge in your life - at the same time the biggest blessings, is to live your spiritual live on earth in no matter environment you're in." I talked to a friend about his career and he told me that he finally found the "mission" or "purpose" of being an auditor. And he asked me of whether i have similar feelings towards my current position/job. I thought about his question for a while and found that my mission wasn't on my job, but on those people i met in whatever environment i am in. I would say i am ready for the missionary, may god use me in whatever way he decides and i am right here!

I'm a (no longer a full time) student majoring in travelling

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