Friday, 22 June 2007

Scary friday Today is probably the "blackest" day at work...... I've finally experience something really urgent and scary. So here's the story: I am in charge of a system called Telex form filling and it's used for sending telex (yup, telex are those real old fashion way of communicating) to people checking the plan. Once those people receive the telex, the plane is officially approved for release. Today, there's a flight that is suppose to leave at 1615. At around 1545, ENG users called me and said they cannot send telex through the system. and the plane will have to leave in 30 minutes.............. I got no idea what to do. SImply because nothing similar happened before, besides, sending telex involve a lot of different parties, IBM MQ, our application, Sita telex.................. It was the first time when i felt so desperate at work. Although people around me were trying to help, i still felt that i need to solve this myself. So, i guess the plane got delayed for an hour after i finally got the system working. Such a scary experience, i learn a lot from this, especially whom i could turn to, who is responsible for what section.... people in cx are really kind and helpful, even it's late at night, they managed to response to me almost immediately. Oh, should be a relaxing afternoon enjoying the blueberry cheesecake with my colleague, turned out to be a hectic afternoon with relaxing colleagues besides me enjoying my mom's cheesecake while i'm talking on the phone crying for help.......hahaha

I'm a (no longer a full time) student majoring in travelling

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