Tuesday, 13 February 2007

a thought on st. valentine's day have been struggling on the DMS client setup all day yesterday (at least it's nice that i can spent one day on just 2 tasks), and working like a mechanic at home to fix the pc (yea, i almost got the notebook completely componentized). Feeling extremely tired this morning, especially my neck! So i shall at least say happy valentine's day to all of you my friends and family. I planned to make some heart shape cookies (like i did last year) and distribute it to all my colleagues today, haha, finally didn't really manage to do so! Just to recap, last year, i bake around 70 big cookies for all the IM colleagues in dragonair. I did that because of a special reason.... haha, nothing so romantic though, it's simply because that was the day of me passing my 3 months probation and time flies, a year pass by!!! The year before that, i was in London. Got treated by paul for lunch and he gave me a red rose, it was a special one that i'll never forget. Then at night, haya kindly cooked for all the pretty girls (including richard and joey) in the dorm and we had a wonderfully cozy party at Tina's home. The year before that.........not really remembering so well...haha (or i should not be disclosing too much here) Although i do insist that valentine's day should not be soo special, i guess what i hate most is simply the commercial part of it. At least i think you should not be buying a present for your love one just because you have to or your gf/bf is gonna be mad at you if you don't, at least you should not sent someone some flowers because she needs to have it on that day to compete with the lady next door. It's not about the huge amount of money that you have to spent. It's about how much love you are giving to the one you love. Spending a budget of say $5000 on that night doesn't really mean that you're gonna be more patient when she is throwing a temper at you. Giving her 999 roses doesn't mean that you're gonna sacrifice your work time and spend more quality time with her. You might think that i am a bit too extreme? maybe, but i just want to spell out that "HAVE TO DO" tasks has nothing to do with giving your love to her/him. BUT, i do think st. valentine's day is a good chance to express your love and care to people around you (actually there are chances everyday, st. valentine's day just give you a better excuse!) For a year and 3 months, i have been dating a guy call "work", what a nice day to remember!!

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